Timetable, Programme and Abstracts

A book of abstracts and the conference programme are available below.

IWOTA2012 Book of Abstracts

IWOTA2012 Programme

IWOTA2012 Timetable

IWOTA participants may also be interested in the MTNS programme, and especially in the mini-course on quantum control by Matt James (Wednesday 11 July).

Special sessions

Complex geometry and operator theory

Organised by Tirthankar Bhattacharyya and Nicholas Young

Topics in noncommutative analysis

Organised by Anna Skripka

Continuous and discrete Clifford analysis

Organised by Swanhild Bernstein, Fabrizio Colombo, Uwe Kahler and Paul Leopardi

Toeplitz operators and their applications

Organised by Sergei Grudsky and Nikolai Vasilevski

Operators on spaces of analytic functions

Organised by Carl Cowen

Dynamics and Operator Algebras

Organised by Sooran Kang and Aidan Sims

Systems and control theory

Organised by Hendra Nurdin

Harmonic analysis of differential operators

Organised by Pierre Portal, Adam Sikora and Lesley Ward

Operator theory, function theory, and linear systems

Organised by Joe Ball and Rien Kaashoek

General session

Organised by Ian Doust