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The 15th Biennial Computational Techniques and Applications Conference CTAC2010
28 Nov - 1 Dec 2010, UNSW, Sydney
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Conference participants have the option of uploading a paper (maximum of 12 pages) before the conference. This is NOT the conference proceedings and the papers will not be checked or proof read. This is intended to be a way for participants to disseminate their work. A copy of the papers is given below.

Hung Kha Finite element modelling of insertion of electrode array into the cochlea with lubricant
Leo Wiryanto Free-surface flow under a sluice gate of an inclined wall from deep water
Fawang Liu Parameter estimation for a phenomenological model of the cardiac action potential
Qiang Yu Computational Simulation of Connectivity in the Brain Using Full Diffusion Tensor from MRI
Balavelan Thanigaivelan A Comparison of Range Arithmetic Methods in Symbolic-Numeric Circuit Analysis Application
Vassili Kitsios Subgrid parameterisations for high resolution atmospheric flows