To enter Australia you need an appropriate visa. According to the immigration website you are advised to apply for the appropriate visa at least 4 to 6 weeks before your departure to Australia. Your travel agent should probably be able to help you out when booking your tickets.

Travel to Australia

For most people, visiting “Down Under” involves taking a plane to the other side of the world. If you are coming from Europe then you could consider going either direction, i.e., over the US or over Asia. Tickets over the US might be cheaper than ones over Asia. In general, airlines increase ticket prices as the date of departure approaches. Therefore we advise you to start looking for flights as soon as possible.

Travel from the airport to the area around the university and travel in Sydney

To get from the airport to the university you can take the 400 bus. The trip takes around one hour and costs about 5 dollar. If you take a taxi the fare will be about 25-30 dollar.

For travelling in Sydney during the conference you have several options:

  • For short bus rides you can buy a Blue TravelTen for 15.20 dollar. This allows you rides of 2 sections (e.g., from Coogee to UNSW). For larger distances you can buy a Brown TravelTen for 25.60 dollar which allows you up to 5 sections.
  • You can buy a TravelPass which allows you one week usage of bus, train and ferry. The Red TravelPass costs 38 dollar and allows you to travel in a huge area in Sydney. You could travel from the surroundings of the university into the CBD (but, e.g., not the Ferry to Taronga Zoo). If you want more choice you could go for an other color pass. It is also possible to just take a bus and ferry pass (without the trains).

For more info on buses and travel passes, please look at the Transport Infoline website.


The following list are some accommodation options which all have university rates. Please ask for the UNSW rates when making the booking!

Also have a look at this google map with a list of hotels proposed for the PRIMA2009 conference organised at UNSW. Not all accommodation options on that map are in the list below, and not all options in the list below are on that map. We are currently not duplicating their effort in creating a map. You can easily find out the exact location by typing in the address at

  1. Randwick Lodge
    211 Avoca St
    Randwick NSW

    AU$   90.00 for single room
    AU$ 110.00 for double room


    Walking distance from conference venue and a 20 minute walk from Coogee beach. Close to Belmore Road and The Spot, which are the main social hubs of Randwick with plenty of shops and restaurants.

  2. Barker Lodge Motor Inn
    32 Barker Street
    Kingsford NSW

    AU$ 135.00 for single room
    AU$ 140.00 for double room


    This one is practically across the street from the conference venue.

  3. Coogee Sands Apartment
    161 Dolphin Street
    Coogee NSW

    AU$ 155.00 room only


    Practically on the beach. Lots of restaurants in the neighbourhood. A short (less than 15 minutes) bus ride to UNSW (get off at the High St entrance).

  4. Travel Lodge Wynyard
    7/9 York Street
    Sydney NSW

    AU$ 145.00 for single or double room


    In the city centre, account for a 20-30 minutes bus drive to UNSW (bus timetables are not really reliable, so also add in some 5-10 minutes waiting time, and another 5 minutes walking to the bus stop).

  5. Gemini Hotel
    65-71 Belmore Road
    Randwick NSW

    AU$ 110.00 for single room, AU$ 122.00 with breakfast
    AU$ 110.00 for double room, AU$ 134.00 with breakfast


    The Gemini Hotel is located in the middle of the main shopping street in Randwick with plenty of shops and restaurants.

  6. Parade Lodge
    173-175 Anzac parade
    Kensington NSW

    AU$   80.00 for single room
    AU$ 100.00 for double room
    AU$ 480.00 & 600.00 weekly


    Walking distance from conference venue.

  7. Medina Executive Coogee
    183 Coogee Bay Road
    Coogee NSW

    AU$ 142.00 for studio apartment
    AU$ 176.00 for one bedroom apartment
    AU$ 238.00 for two bedroom apartment


    More luxury. Close to the beach. Less than 15 minutes by bus to UNSW.