Abstract submission

The abstract submission deadline for 36ACCMCC has now passed. (Abstracts were due by 16 November 2012.) This page is left on the web as a historical document only: please note that the conference email address is now defunct.

To submit an abstract please perform the following steps.

  1. Download the files cmsa-abs.sty and absSurname.tex, saving them both to the same place.
  2. Rename "absSurname.tex" to "absXxxx.tex", where Xxxx is your surname.
  3. Edit "absXxxx.tex", following the instructions contained as comments in the file.
  4. Run LaTeX on "absXxxx.tex" to check that it compiles correctly and that you are happy with the result.
  5. Email "absXxxx.tex" (only the .tex file, please) to accmcc2012@unsw.edu.au using the appropriate subject line: "contributed abstract", "invited abstract", or "student abstract". (If you are a student and would like your talk to be eligible for the CMSA Student Prize, use "student abstract". Otherwise use "contributed abstract", unless you are one of our invited speakers.)

Please let us know if you need a quick decision about your abstract, for visa or funding purposes. In many cases we will be able to let you know within a few days whether or not your abstract has been accepted. Note however that no conference proceedings will be produced for 36ACCMCC.

Abstracts of the invited talks are also available.